Business, Innovation and Development for Entrepreunarial Youth Awards (BIDEYA)

Thematic objective: A.1 Business and SMEs development
Priority: Priority A.1.1 Support innovative start-ups and recently established enterprises, with a particular focus on young and women entrepreneurs, and facilitate the protection of their intellectual property rights and commercialisation where applicable
Brief description of the project: The BIDEYA project leans on a global vision of an inclusive growth with a focus on the development of the favorable areas of Tunisia. He provides to students an innovative program with the objective of the creation of startups for students that are still enrolled. at the end of the process, participants will beneficiate of the certification of entrepreneurs and its own startups.Thus the global objective of the program is to support and create startups with territorial anchorage to guarantee regional development. BIDEYA aims also to the promotion of the scientific research as well as the development of a university entrepreneurial dynamics for the creation of employment and long-lasting companies. The essential components of implementation and support of the regional structures of BIDEYA as well as the creation of the first reference of entrepreneurial skills.
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: Developement of entrepreneurial dynamic's in all the regions of Tunisia Creation of startups with territorial anchorage guarantee to different startups the first contract on the national and international level creation of incubation structures in all universities creation of a networking between universities and regional clusters
Expected results: a number of 1200 students will be involved The creation of 14 regional office of BIDEYA implemented in 14 clusters. The creation of 42 startups for each edition of BIDEYA
Partners already involved: The World Bank CIPE PNUD GIZ Orange 14 clusters Ministry of higher education Ministry of ICT Ministry of development and international cooperation
Partners searched: Italian Enterprise or organization that can explore international or national markets for the created startups. Structure that can help the program in terms of entrepreneurial skills development
Total estimated budget: 1500000 EURO
First name: Nadia
Name of the organisation: Tunisian Ministry of higher education
Type of organisation: Ministry or other national public administration
City: Tunis
Country: Tunisia
Phone number: 00216 99 893 451
Skype contact: nadia ZRELLI BEN HAMIDA