Changing Roles

Thematic objective: A.3 Promotion of social inclusion and the fight against poverty
Priority: Priority A.3.1 Provide young people, especially those belonging to the NEETS, and women, with marketable skills
Brief description of the project: Enhancement of social and economic participation of refugee and asylum seeker women in the labour market.
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: Fight against gender based violence, gender equality, empowerment, awareness raising, socio-economic inclusion.
Expected results: Displaced women in employment, increased institutional capacity building, social inclusion and economic integration of displaced women, opening up the society.
Partners already involved: Fundación Equipo Humano
Partners searched: Public and private entities.
Total estimated budget: 2 mn
First name: Noemi
Last name: Alese
Name of the organisation: Fundación Equipo Humano
Type of organisation: Other
Other: private non-profit
City: Valencia
Country: Spain
Phone number: 655382982
Skype contact: noemialese