Cigarette butts recycling in Tunisia

Thematic objective: B.4 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation
Priority: Priority B.4.2 Reduce municipal waste generation and promote source-separated collection and the optimal exploitation of its organic component
Brief description of the project: Each cigarette butt requires 15 years and 500 l of water to disappear, so we propose to collect them, separate their different components and recycle them separately in plastic granules and insulating material (from the filters), anti-corrosive liquid (from the chemicals fluids of the cigarette) and natural fertilizer (from leftover tobacco and ashes).
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: - Establishment of public ashtrays in the streets and close to workplaces. - Collection of cigarette butts in cafes and bars or in collaboration with public authorities. - Separation of cigarette filters, chemicals and ash. - Recycling of filters (cellulose acetate) in plastic granules and insulating material. - Recycling of chemical substances in anti-corrosive liquid for metals. - Transformation of ash and leftover tobacco into natural fertilizer.
Expected results: - Reduce drastically cigarette waste in the streets and the public dumps (80 million cigarette butts are thrown per day in Tunisia). - Encourage people to collect cigarette butts. - Reuse recycled materials in sustainable construction. - Prevent toxic substances from entering waterways by recycling them - Involve public and local authorities in the process. - Create employment (at least 500 for the whole process).
Partners already involved: - Tunisian Municipalities (Menzah, Ariana, Grombalia) - National Agency for Environment Protection, Tunisia (ANPE)
Partners searched: - Environmental NGOs - National Environmental Protection Programs - Similar industries in other countries (Spain, France, Canada)
Total estimated budget: 500.000 euros
First name: Omar
Last name: Triki
Name of the organisation: Omar Triki Consulting
Type of organisation: Company or other economic operator
City: Ariana
Country: Tunisia
Phone number: +21625276715
Skype contact: Omar Triki