Community Paramedic SoS

Thematic objective: A.3 Promotion of social inclusion and the fight against poverty
Priority: Priority A.3.2 Support social and solidarity economic actors, also in terms of improving capacities and cooperation with public administrations for services provision
Brief description of the project: Community Paramedic Solidarity Service The proposal concerns the introduction of disruptive innovation in the operational capacity of the traditional social welfare state in the sectors of social welfare and health protection, through the mobilization of civil society and all its expressers, activating a mutual and community-based non-profit health care scheme. Thus, the pioneering adoption of a new mechanism of "Community Solidarity Paramedic" is established through a new Community healthcare & emergency cooperative initially at a Municipality level and then through an inter-municipal social network.
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: - Peer to Peer mutual and community-based non-profit health care schemes for poor and vulnerable groups have more equitable access to health services of appropriate quality. - Activation of civil society and capacity building in the target of staffing the new project and the possibility of finding specialized employment opportunities.
Expected results: The development of the new service will be implemented through the creation of a Community healthcare & Emergency Cooperative involving local communities and socio-economic stakeholders by activating a mutual and community-based non-profit health care scheme. The project plans the creation of a permanent station in the area of each partner, the provision of the necessary ambulance equipment, telematics etc, the development of the new Cooperative and the capacity building of its staff.
Partners already involved: Municipalities from Greece, Lebanon, Palestine
Partners searched: Partners with similar roles, interests and new ideas
Total estimated budget: 3.500.000,00
First name: THANASIS
Last name: POULIOS
Name of the organisation: IONIANS OE
Type of organisation: Local or regional public administration
Country: Greece
Phone number: +302108037243