Thematic objective: A.1 Business and SMEs development
Priority: Priority A.1.3 Encourage sustainable tourism initiatives and actions aimed at diversifying into new segments and niches
Brief description of the project: The main purpose of Easy Waterfront is to encourage economic growth and sustainable development of urban areas boosting coastal and marine economy. We intend to promote interactions and cross-fertilization processes between institutions, enterprises, research institutions and citizens in order to develop a proactive system able to cope the challenges posed by the complexity of modern society and, at same time, to solve the major endogenous weaknesses. To achieve this objective, we will foster the implementation of a pilot project designed to impact on the productive system, the labour market and on the current urban and environmental policies. Therefor we have identified three specific objectives:
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: 1)To create a productive ecosystem capable of reviving the marine and coastal economic sector trough processes based on innovation, sustainability and accessibility; 2) To implement and upgrade the territorial know-how, finalised to the creation of "specialised and skilled workforce", and to enhance the role of the so-called "creative class"<, 3)To implement innovative infrastructural projects oriented to products and services ableopen to the largest number of end users
Expected results: CONFIGURATION OF SOLUTIONS FOR ACCESSIBILITY, DEVELOPMENT AND USE OF THE BATHING SYSTEM. Configuration and installation of new products-systems for accessibility of the bathing structures. CREATION OF INFRASTRUCTURES FOR ADVANCED MOBILITY SOLUTIONS Configuration and installation of infrastructures for the sea and land mobility Configuration and infrastructuring for sport and free time
Partners already involved: Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Design e Ambiente - Università degli Studi della Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli".
Partners searched: Local Authorities, Entreprenerial Associations
Total estimated budget: 2 Milions
First name: Enrico
Last name: Vellante
Name of the organisation: 012factory
Type of organisation: Company or other economic operator
City: Caserta
Country: Italy
Email: enrico.vellante@012factory.it
Phone number: +39 3939473336
Skype contact: enrico.vellante
Website: http://www.012factory.it