Enhancing local economic activity in Palestine

Thematic objective: A.3 Promotion of social inclusion and the fight against poverty
Priority: Priority A.3.2 Support social and solidarity economic actors, also in terms of improving capacities and cooperation with public administrations for services provision
Brief description of the project: Total duration of the project: 36 Months Reinforcement of the economic activity and improve the social cohesion in the city centres of the Mediterranean area.
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: Establish methodology and indicators for a comprehensive survey and analysis of social vulnerability, needs and potential development in Mediterranean historic centres. Promote the revitalization of the city centres as enhancing of the local economic activity directing toward local actors suffering from economic hardships. Share experiences between partners and disseminate it for all the Mediterranean area.
Expected results: Capacity building program (theoretical and practical) Renovation of a historic building in Hebron to provide social services to the people.Raise the attractiveness of historical neighbourhoods by including the local population in the promotion of the cultural heritage. Dissemination of the results by an international Symposium on urban regeneration.
Partners already involved: Hebron Rehabilitation Committee IPOGEA RehabiMed Birzeit Univeristy
Partners searched: No Partners are searched
Total estimated budget: 1.5 million €
First name: Hilmi
Last name: Maraqa
Name of the organisation: Hebron Rehabilitation Committee
Type of organisation: Other
Other: semi-governmental
City: Hebron
Country: Palestine
Email: hilmima7@gmail.com
Phone number: 00972599994533
Skype contact: hilmi.maraqa
Website: http://www.hebronrc.ps/index.php/en/