EYE - E-Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs

Thematic objective: A.1 Business and SMEs development
Priority: Priority A.1.1 Support innovative start-ups and recently established enterprises, with a particular focus on young and women entrepreneurs, and facilitate the protection of their intellectual property rights and commercialisation where applicable
Brief description of the project: EYE was originally created to facilitate learning needed by young entrepreneurs that will hone the skills needed to envision, plan and execute a start-up enterprise, from ideation to growth. We expand our reach for an additional focus on women. Additionally, we create a network of talent that can be discovered by potential clients, recruiters and employers through a display of portfolios on our platform, and retrain workers with digital skills to engage in co-work outsourced projects. We work with public sector development offices, employment and job placement centers, career counselors, recruiting agencies and other entities with a mission to secure a revenue stream for their clients. The end-product of the project includes setting the stage for launching viable small businesses and virtual e-business enterprises, as well as secure clientele and co-work with others on outsourced projects with tasks that can be completed in the cloud. www.EYEIncubator.com
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: Serve as a resource to: - help entrepreneurs create a successful business, product or service as a revenue stream - retrain workers with digital skills - create a network of talent with galleries of skills portfolios - "train the trainer" workshops to assist local participants complete the programme - build awareness and understanding around issues - Knowledge Building collaborative learning around labour market changes and transformations.
Expected results: - The creation of new businesses and virtual enterprises that will create a revenue stream for unemployed and underemployed youth. - showcase skills portfolios on our platform, creating a network of talent that can be discovered more easily by potential clients, recruiters and employers. - facilitate retrained workers with digital skills to participate in outsourceable projects in the cloud.
Partners already involved: Global Skills Network (Spain) - email: info@erasmusactions.com, Futures 21st Century Foundation (Bulgaria) - email: info@eyeincubator.com, Association of Teacher Education in Europe
Partners searched: None to date
Total estimated budget: €2 - €3 million over three years
First name: Sandra
Last name: Lund-Diaz, M.Ed.
Name of the organisation: Global Skills Network, S.L.
Type of organisation: Company or other economic operator
City: Granada, Spain
Country: Spain
Email: info@eyeincubator.com
Phone number: +34 676593090
Skype contact: spaingang
Website: http://www.eyeincubator.com