Thematic objective: B.4 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation
Priority: Priority B.4.4 Incorporate the Ecosystem-Based management approach to ICZM into local development planning, through the improvement of intra-territorial coordination among different stakeholders
Brief description of the project: HARM-Less MED incorporates modern principles of planning and management resources due to the intensive pressure on MED, broad databases and interdisciplinary processes. It aims to be an effective general framework for dealing with conflicts arising from interactions of the various uses of coastal areas and support coordinated development and resources management in order to preserve and protect the environment and promote resource efficiency. The project develops and validates through pilot testing a management system including a thorough methodology and risk management guide, a decision-making framework and a set of practical tools and an innovative user-friendly platform which monitors important parameters. End users (public authorities), will be benefited and build their capacities to engage in developing joint novel approaches and integrated policies for the coastal and maritime realms of the CBC Area that are consistent with the implementation of the ICZM Protocol for the MED.
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: -Support strategic CB cooperation for a more prosperous and sustainable region, where protected areas are expected to grow and to provide an integrated comprehensive framework for the best long-term use of coastal natural resources and perpetual maintenance of the most beneficial natural environment in the basis of joint government -Future vision through scenario building activity, formal ICZM guidelines, strategic goals for sustainable development and possibilities for implementation measures
Expected results: Enhanced capacity of public authorities to plan for, sustainably manage, use and monitor their coastal ecosystems, employing an effective participatory approach involving relevant stakeholders and local communities
Partners already involved: (EMPC) Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Malta (MPC) Lebanon, Jordan, Israel
Partners searched: ONLY Public bodies or Bodies governed by public law, regional authorities from France, Spain, Egypt or Tunisia
Total estimated budget: Approx. 3M
First name: Sotirios
Last name: Karagiannis
Name of the organisation: Premium Consulting
Type of organisation: Company or other economic operator
City: Athens
Country: Greece
Email: sk@premiumc.gr
Phone number: 00302107213919 (int:209)
Skype contact: sotiris_karagiannis
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