Improving Energy Efficiency of Cultural Heritage Property

Thematic objective: B.4 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation
Priority: Priority B.4.3 Support cost-effective and innovative energy rehabilitations relevant to building types and climatic zones, with a focus on public buildings
Brief description of the project: Preventing dangerous climate change is a key priority worldwide. Therefore, many countries are working hard to cut its greenhouse gas emissions substantially. This transition to an energy efficient and low carbon lifestyle, is not only necessary to safeguard our environment, but should also stimulate the economy, create jobs and boost competitiveness. Whereas abovementioned intentions initially targeted newly built constructions, it is clear that these only form a part of the building stock. In order to meet the proposed targets, historic buildings can no longer be exempted. On the contrary, they become more and more the core of our present energy efficiency and comfort interventions. All of this built heritage, listed or not, is a witness of our past, our history and our constructive traditions. It adds significantly to the quality and charm of our built environment and therefore ensures the added value of cities and countryside.
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: This project plans to act in 6 axes: 1. Boundaries and obstacles, 2. Using and improving energy models, 3. Training and education, 4. Interventions related to (a) systems and indoor climate, and (b) materials, 5. Monitoring and feedback, 6. Governance issues.
Expected results: The main expected results are the generation of a set of recommendations and pilot cases which can serve as a guide in the restoration and energy efficiency incorporation in historic buildings. It will be achieved through the design and development of a good practices document, and the development of a course on energy efficiency in historic buildings.
Partners already involved: Municipalities and Energy Agency
Partners searched: Energy Agencies, Universities (specific Energy Engineering Departments), Chamber of Commerce, Ministries, etc. from Portugal, Spain, France, Jordan, Tunisia, Israel
Total estimated budget: Around € 2.000.000
First name: Enrico
Last name: Messinese
Name of the organisation: Crastolla Law Firm
Type of organisation: Company or other economic operator
City: Rome
Country: Italy
Phone number: 0039 06 39737063
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