InLOCARBOcare - Community INvolvement for LOw CARBOn publiC buildings manAgement and sustainable useR bEhaviour

Thematic objective: B.4 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation
Priority: Priority B.4.3 Support cost-effective and innovative energy rehabilitations relevant to building types and climatic zones, with a focus on public buildings
Brief description of the project: In the Med Basin energy efficiency goals are still far from achieving EU 2020 targets. A common challenge is to increase the share of renewable energy, particularly in public buildings (40% of the EU’s total energy consumption) intended as demonstrators of Public policies. The short-medium term challenge appears to be the development of more efficient measure and service to integrate technological investments with the empowerment of local communities, oriented to produce an active citizens engagement toward sustainable goals. Even if public investments in energy saving characterized the last years and included a deeper attention on technologies and plants, the consideration on the relation between users and usage models of public buildings had not been delivered . The project looks at improving the impact for energy saving investments in public building through an active involvement of local communities.
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: The overall objective of the proposed project is to improve capacities of public authorities to plan and implement sustainable energy policies and operative investment plans. This goal implies the capitalization of smart ICT technologies, innovative cooperation model (PPPPs), energy lab approach for participation and trust-building among operators and decision makers and final users.
Expected results: We expect to maximize the effective impact of energy saving investments already realized by the partners through the promotion of citizens sustainable behavior as a result of a community empowerment process. Such result includes: the improvement of actual energy management procedure in paying attention to the role of end user, to allow the skills of public building management staff through energy labs, results assessment through ICT platform and low-cost sensor, to promote sustainable behavior.
Partners already involved: University of Basilicata
Partners searched: Local Authorities, Public bodies, Universities and other Research Centres, NGO’s, SMEs.
Total estimated budget: N/A
First name: Francesco
Last name: Scorza
Name of the organisation: University of Basilicata, School of Engineering, Laboratory of urban and regional system engineering (LISUT)
Type of organisation: University/research centre
City: Potenza
Country: Italy
Phone number: 00393477001363
Skype contact: francescoscorza