Knowledge Building for Future Education Today

Thematic objective: A.2 Support to education, research, technological development and innovation
Priority: Priority A.2.1 Support technological transfer and commercialisation of research results, strengthening the linkages between research, industry and other private sector actors
Brief description of the project: Knowledge Building (KB) focuses on innovative teaching, use of technology, active learning and the collaborative skills required for the 21st century, especially the 4Cs of future education - critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. We train educators - teachers, principals and faculty - in KB pedagogy, methodologies and technology, promote international standards of ICT in the classroom, and partner teachers with their peers across the globe. A primary focus is on promoting UNESCO ICT Competency for Teaching Framework for technology literacy, knowledge deepening and knowledge creation, and the OECD Innovative Schooling Project to rethink education for the 21st Century.
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: - Train educators in the use of knowledge-building methodologies, that include assessments of improved learning outcomes; - Promote experiential and project-based learning for students to acquire skills that will prepare them for success throughout the education continuum, in the workforce, and in life.
Expected results: - Transfer of technology and commercialisation of electronic workspace The Knowledge Forum; - Partner educators with their peers across the globe to create common-topic classroom instructions in interdisciplinary studies; - Partner researchers with primary and secondary education teachers, principals and staff to conduct effectiveness studies on knowledge-building pedagogy and its impact on improved student learning; - Develop transglobal relationships between students and their peers
Partners already involved: Knowledge Building in Action; World Federation of Associations for Teacher Education; Global Education Research and Development Community of the Association of Teacher Education in Europe; Catalonia College of Arts, Sciences and Letters;
Partners searched: None to date
Total estimated budget: €800,000 EUR to €1.5 million
First name: Mireia
Last name: Montane
Name of the organisation: Knowledge Building in Action
Type of organisation: Federation/association
City: Granada
Country: Spain
Phone number: +34 676593090
Skype contact: