Local touristic development

Thematic objective: A.1 Business and SMEs development
Priority: Priority A.1.3 Encourage sustainable tourism initiatives and actions aimed at diversifying into new segments and niches
Brief description of the project: Touristic development of areas based on spatial designing athletic events (marathons, trekking, bicycle). The optimal design and selection of the events are also based on spatial (G.I.S., remote sensing) multiple criteria aiming for increased publicity of local products and local SME.
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: Spatial optimization of selection of areas for athletic events.
Expected results: The selection of an athletic event as close as possible to multiple spatial criteria set, for increased publicity of local products and local SME.
Partners already involved: -
Partners searched: Any partner (organizations, Universities, SME, Local authorities, institutes, companies, public bodies) from countries such as: Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Tunisia.
Total estimated budget: 1000000
First name: Dimitris
Last name: Kavroudakis
Name of the organisation: University of the Aegean
Type of organisation: University/research centre
City: Mytilini, Lesvos
Country: Greece
Email: dimitrisk@aegean.gr
Phone number: +302251036404
Skype contact: