Thematic objective: A.2 Support to education, research, technological development and innovation
Priority: Priority A.2.2 Support SMEs in accessing research and innovation, also through clustering
Brief description of the project: The project´s consortium will boost the networking and/or clustering to share costs and burdens among participating companies, or through a combination of these. Innovation vouchers aim to provide small firms with low-risk access to technologies and innovation. It would also be important to encourage partnerships for innovation between different SMEs and between SMEs and larger established companies, which can provide traction for smaller companies. This project is coordinated in this initial phase of applying for by Finnovaregio (acronym: Finnova), which is a non-profit private foundation. Finnova promotes the cooperation for the transference of innovation and entrepreneurship. Finnova is located in Spain and in Belgium. Besides, the project will strengthen technical and operational capacities of the public administration and the relevant stakeholders in terms of management of funding sources, as well as policy support, mentoring to entrepreneurs.
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: Encourage MSMEs to access new and external knowledge through appropriate mentoring system, and appropriate financial, technical support & coaching Facilitate networking in key sectors for the promotion of StartUp and support the local entrepreneurship ecosystem Transfer of technology and knowledge, best practices Appropriate financing mechanisms for entrepreneurship Common awareness campaign and support local ecosystem of entrepreneurship through Awards for attracting talent and investors
Expected results: In order to stimulate the local ecosystem of entrepreneurship, this project will implement the “Start-up Med Award” in the Mediterranean cooperation area. This is a methodology that is been working by Finnova and the European Commission ( This European initiative will be capitalized in the Mediterranean Sea Basin. StartUp Europe Awards is a forum for the interchange of best practices and networking amongst all the players involved in the European ecosystem.
Partners already involved: Foundation FINNOVA (Spain)
Partners searched: 1) Public Administration; 2) Chamber of Commerce; 3) Research Centres and Universities; 4) SMEs and other companies interesting in this topic, such as, business angels, business incubator centres; 5) other organisation with experiences with entrepreneurs, and supporting SMEs.
Total estimated budget: 1,400,000 €
First name: Ms. Catalina
Last name: Valencia
Name of the organisation: FINNOVA
Type of organisation: Other
Other: Foundation, non-profit
City: Valencia
Country: Spain
Email: |
Phone number: +32-2-808 55 76
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