Mediterranean Cities’ gateways development for a better freight transport

Thematic objective: B.4 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation
Priority: Priority B.4.4 Incorporate the Ecosystem-Based management approach to ICZM into local development planning, through the improvement of intra-territorial coordination among different stakeholders
Brief description of the project: With the increased product specialization and globalization, cities need well connected transportation networks, but they tend to ignore freight transport, despite providing thousands of opportunities to the urban economy has been neglected by transport surveys and models.
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: The port gates are one of the most critical pieces of terminal infrastructure where a large part of technical and administrative procedures take place. For this reason, the efficiency of gate operations has been investigated extensively, especially in relation to trucking operations, in the attempt to improve their performance, eliminate congestion and bottlenecks or reduce negative environmental externalities.
Expected results: Solve the traffic jams and congestion.Enhance the intercity movement with increasing the possibility of economic investment. Rebalance the existing development patterns.Orient the territorial development.Doing so will endow cities to be a nodal global cities with a multi international connection and movement corridors of people and commodities, which can connect those cities to the global economy system.
Partners already involved: IEREK ,Cluster MarítimoNaval Cádiz ,European Regional Framework for Co-operation,UCAS (University College Of Applied Sciences) ,Arab Academy for Science,technology and Maritime Transport, Eamar For Constructions and with cooperation with different professors to insure the project and the planning process.
Partners searched: Local Authorities, Public bodies, Universities and other Research Centres, NGO’s, SMEs.
Total estimated budget: N/A due to the different range of activities and how can the partners share the cost and the activities.
First name: Mourad
Last name: Amer
Name of the organisation: IEREK
Type of organisation: Company or other economic operator
City: Alexandria
Country: Egypt
Phone number: +201003130100
Skype contact: morad.amer99