Mobile cinema

Thematic objective: A.2 Support to education, research, technological development and innovation
Priority: Priority A.2.1 Support technological transfer and commercialisation of research results, strengthening the linkages between research, industry and other private sector actors
Brief description of the project: Gaza lacks cinema, in general cinemas have been burned and closed its doors at the beginning of the first intifada in 1987. Last cinema in Gaza Strip was Samer cinema which has been burned at that time. This led to the stop displaying local or international films, and thus lower domestic production to the level that we could say there is no film industry in Gaza strip nowadays. All these factors left negative impact on cinema as culture. Constraint of particular concern, that there is no financial support to make films with local talents in Gaza Strip who is able to do great and complete work. Considering the issues highlighted above, we come with the idea of the mobile cinema in order to give the Palestinian talents in Gaza Strip the chance to present and promote their work.
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: 1. We are working to develop the capacities of children so that we can discover their talents 2. Prepare a generation able to spread the reality of the Gaza Strip in a civilized manner 3. Teach children how to make documentary films 4. Create a spirit of creativity in children
Expected results: Promoting the culture of cinema in the Gaza Strip The participation of children in the film industry that enables them to make positive changes in society Children learn new ways of participating in cinema through cinema
Partners already involved: Civil society organizations, youth initiatives and institutions specialized in working with children
Partners searched: Search for partners from Palestine and Europe
Total estimated budget: 30000 euro
First name: Wesam
Last name: Mousa
Name of the organisation: Initiative of Youth cinema for Change
Type of organisation: Other
Other: Youth Movement
City: Gaza
Country: Palestine
Phone number: 00970599602091
Skype contact: wesammousa1