multifaceted tourism creation towards coastal cities sustainable development

Thematic objective: B.4 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation
Priority: Priority B.4.1 Support sustainable initiatives aimed at finding innovative and technological solutions to increase water efficiency and encourage use of non-conventional water supply
Brief description of the project: The project aims to develop several types of tourism in the same city to ensure the operation of the infrastructures built to develop a tourism activity all the days of the year. Indeed, if we can diversify the tourism activities types from beach resort to medical, cultural and ecological types of tourism, we can ensure a sustainable development of the city
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: the project will tackle the problem of the seasonality of the classic tourism by diversifying in the same place when it is possible a multifaceted tourism which will animate the city the year round
Expected results: establish a strategy for the participating cities to ensure a sustainable development by diversifying the tourism activities
Partners already involved: Municipality of Hammam-Lif (Tunisia)
Partners searched: Coastal cities authorities, research Centers
Total estimated budget: N/D
First name: Hamadi
Last name: Kallali
Name of the organisation: CERTE
Type of organisation: University/research centre
City: Hammam-Lif
Country: Tunisia
Phone number: 93521955
Skype contact: