Organizational Development for Socio-Economic Promotion of Artisanal Fishing Communities ( Artisanal Fishermen and Women)

Thematic objective: A.3 Promotion of social inclusion and the fight against poverty
Priority: Priority A.3.2 Support social and solidarity economic actors, also in terms of improving capacities and cooperation with public administrations for services provision
Brief description of the project: This traditional fishing method, a powerful sustainable development label promising, has collapsed as a result of illegal practices, affecting a mass population that represents 70% of the active labor force in the sector. This catalyzed abandonment phenomenon activities and pushed local artisanal fishermen, wives and sons to leave their territories and forced them to refuge to illegal immigration process. In order to stop this social haemorrhage, much work is needed to guide attitudes towards the spirit of mutual organization, knowledgeable participation of co-management
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: The interventions planned by this project are contributing to sustainable fisheries development, creating new opportunities for value chains enhancement and improving socio-economic conditions of artisanal fishing, specially axed on women gender acting in artisanal fishing’s value chains.
Expected results: R1: An efficient mobile and autonomous Extension Networking board, R2: Sensitization actions led by the target population (Participatory Approach) R3: Socio-Economic Promotion and artisanal fishermen and women gender’s incomes increase, R4: Production of TV spots,
Partners already involved: GIPP INAT Tunisie Coop
Partners searched: Autorités Locales ou Corps publiques de l’Egypte, Jordanie, Liban, Italie ; France, Espagne ; Tunisie, ONG.
Total estimated budget: Approximativement 2.800.000 Euros
First name: Zied
Last name: Bouslahi
Name of the organisation: AVFA
Type of organisation: Local or regional public administration
City: Tunis
Country: Tunisia
Email: --
Phone number: +21692346573
Skype contact: zied.geomat78