Quality control of waste waters coming from hospitals and hospital academics in Tunisia

Thematic objective: B.4 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation
Priority: Priority B.4.1 Support sustainable initiatives aimed at finding innovative and technological solutions to increase water efficiency and encourage use of non-conventional water supply
Brief description of the project: Pharmaceutical and chemical wastes rejected by hospitals and hospital academics are discharged into the environment via waste waters without adapted pre-treatment and are often found in clarified water going out from treatment plants. Impacts of those micro pollutants on the environment (particularly on biogeochemical cycles of microorganisms, soil fertility and consequently on human health) are considerable. Thus, we need to identify those dangerous molecules, to study their impacts on the environment and to find new methodologies to master them.
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: Characterization of chemical (pharmaceutical) micropollutants and their impacts on the environment by studying microbial diversity in order to find effective solutions to control and master those impacts by physical (filters) and by bioremediation techniques.
Expected results: Inventory of the main toxic and dangerous pharmaceutical molecules (and other chemicals) found in waste waters; identification and characterization of microbial strains with capabilities of bioremediation of these micropollutants; implementation of specific filters and testing stage for physical remediation.
Partners already involved: CNSTN (Centre National des Sciences et Technologies du Nucléaire); ONAS (Office National de l'Assainissement)
Partners searched: European partners
Total estimated budget: 1,5 Mo Euros
First name: Rakia
Last name: Chouari
Name of the organisation: University of Carthage, Faculty of Sciences of Bizerte, Tunisia
Type of organisation: University/research centre
City: Bizerte
Country: Tunisia
Email: rakia.chouari@gmail.com
Phone number: 0021650587147
Skype contact: