Thematic objective: A.1 Business and SMEs development
Priority: Priority A.1.3 Encourage sustainable tourism initiatives and actions aimed at diversifying into new segments and niches
Brief description of the project: The Mediterranean Sea countries join their efforts towards achieving a common target, the development of tourism in a sustainable manner to the benefit of the peoples of the region. The reefs are currently endangered throughout the world. One of the main activities in Med sea responsible for this is scuba-diving and recreational fishing. Mass tourism, direct contact of the tourists with the reefs and unprofessional behavior underwater has a negative effect on the reefs. The construction of artificial reefs is one way to deal with the problem, providing new colonizable areas for marine life-forms shelter from predators for small fish but also alternative diving destinations, which takes the pressure off the natural reefs. The main goal of the project is popularization of scuba-diving attractions in the region and with aquaculture around and promote cultural-historical artefacts.
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: 1. Study of the current situation related to diving tourism and recreational fishing. 2. Developing of WEB site3. National information and feedback workshops 4. Training for actors involved in diving tourism, tour operators, divers, fishermen, aquaculture producers, municipalities, ecological organizations, public agencies, etc. 5. Visibility of the Action Responsible. 6. EXPLOATATION PLAN 7. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 8. MAP WITH REEFS LOCATION
Expected results: Increased level of knowledge and awareness of stakeholders,media,society in the field of the development of diving tourism,recreational fishing,ecological aspects of natural and artificial reefs through the development of training modules and trainings.Enhanced opportunities for the development of national,regional and international sustainable tourism and especially diving tourism and recreational fishing through the intelligent enterprise system consisting of web,mob. App
Partners already involved: BSEC
Partners searched: Partners fro eligible aria
Total estimated budget: 1 300 000 euro
First name: Maria
Last name: Vernay
Name of the organisation: BSEC
Type of organisation: NGO
City: Perpignan
Country: France
Phone number: +33667426882
Skype contact: mariamaria2