Thematic objective: B.4 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation
Priority: Priority B.4.2 Reduce municipal waste generation and promote source-separated collection and the optimal exploitation of its organic component
Brief description of the project: SMARTWASTE. Strengthening of measures and policies in order to improve municipal waste management in the Mediterranean Sea Basin through technological innovation and methods focus on a bio-stabilization system and energy recovery from waste.
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: Strengthen and support Mediterranean Sea Basin networks and environmental authorities, in the field of waste, in order to identify and implement innovative measures and policies focus on improving municipal waste management through technological innovation and methods, and reduce landfill waste disposal.
Expected results: 2 Efficient and effective integrated municipal waste management systems are planned and operationalised on 2 pilot basis; at least 6 local authorities adopting and implementing new solid waste management plans; 60 enterprises involved in waste reuse and recycling; 1new waste management technologies adopted (bio-stabilisation technology).
Partners already involved: D.E.P.AN, - City Network(Greece), FINNOVA (Spain).
Partners searched: The project-team is looking for the following profile of partners from EUMC participant (European Union Mediterranean Countries) and from MPC (Mediterranean Partner Countries): Public administration, public or private companies or agencies, Environment or Energy Agency, Chamber of Commerce, association or other business organisations/companies and Research Institutes and Universities
Total estimated budget: 1,200,000 €
First name: Theodoros
Last name: Patsoules
Name of the organisation: D.E.P.AN. - City Network
Type of organisation: Other
Other: Public Equivalent Body
City: Athens
Country: Greece
Phone number: +30-210-7297272
Skype contact: theodoros.patsoules | ajeroma