Transformation of Passive elements inTΟ Active SOLAR ELEMENTS for sustainable contemporary architecture

Thematic objective: B.4 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation
Priority: Priority B.4.3 Support cost-effective and innovative energy rehabilitations relevant to building types and climatic zones, with a focus on public buildings
Brief description of the project: Acronym: P2A SOLAR ELEMENTS The project aims to pilot application of new innovative & cost-effective technological solutions of the Transformation of Passive Elements into Active Solar Elements for the ΕΕ και RES, in building rehabilitations.
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: The implementation of new innovative technological solutions is attempting Pilot integration into the energy upgrade of public buildings (NZEB) Dissemination of results & their integration into the energy design of public/private sector buildings Adoption of solutions to upgrade CO2 reduction, to support EE & RES in SEAP development in Med communities Enhancement of depreciation capabilities (<15 yrs) & incorporation in the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) recommendations
Expected results: Enrichment of Sustainable Contemporary Architecture design tools Reinforcing the cost-effective methods of energy upgrading of building rehabilitations Upgrading the role of SEAP as an "intimacy" model for a sustainable community binder, activating & supporting PPPPs schemes(a core element of the local energy communities/chains) Transferability guidelines drafting for new innovative technologies & their capitalization from public operators decision maker private stakeholders & final users
Partners already involved: Municipalities from EU, Greece, Lebanon, Palestine
Partners searched: Partners with similar roles, interests and new ideas
Total estimated budget: 3.000.000,00 (40% for improvement infrastructures)
First name: THANASIS
Last name: POULIOS
Name of the organisation: IONIANS OE
Type of organisation: Local or regional public administration
Country: Greece
Phone number: 2108037243