Thematic objective: A.1 Business and SMEs development
Priority: Priority A.1.3 Encourage sustainable tourism initiatives and actions aimed at diversifying into new segments and niches
Brief description of the project: The project has the following specific objectives: 1. Creating a network and joint co-operation between tourism managers and other stakeholders in the sector of eco-tourism, enotourism and sustainable tourism for the diversification of products & news niche of market 2. Create a common brand for a common product of tourism based on wine, which will allow to create synergies between the Mediterranean wines in order to offer a new tool and positioning in the global market 3. Design a common campaign of information and marketing through the methodology of the "Concurs Mondial Bruxelles" 3. Facilitate the cooperation of public-private partnership on the two shores of the Mediterranean in the sector of tourism and wine 4. Improve the transfer of technology and knowledge, exchange of good practices & experiences 5. Strengthen the technical and operational capacities of stakeholder of the tourism and cultural sector 6. Boost the entrepreneurship and to support the start-ups
Main objectives – issues to be addressed: Strengthen and support Mediterranean Sea Basin networks under a scheme of PPP – Public and Private Partnership, to consolidate a common strategy of territorial tourist and economic development of the area of cooperation, based on the Mediterranean wine culture and heritage.
Expected results: 1. To facilitate the Networks. 2. To create a common brand and open new markets with new products and niches. 3. To exchange knowledge. 4. Technology transfer. 5. Mentoring and capacitation. 6. Strengthen of the local entrepreneurship ecosystem and start-ups.
Partners already involved: FINNOVA Foundation (Spain); Public Administration of the Province of Huelva, Andalusia Region (Spain)
Partners searched: 1) Public Administration; 2) energy agencies and other energies companies for revalorization biomass from vine growing 2) Chamber of Commerce; 3) Research Centres and Universities; 4) SMEs and other companies interesting in this topic; 5) other organisations, for instance, tour-operator, travel agencies, cruise terminal, and all kind of entities interesting in enotourism and ecotourism.
Total estimated budget: 1,400,000 €
First name: José Manuel
Last name: Requena Benítez
Name of the organisation: FINNOVA
Type of organisation: Other
Other: Foundation, non-profit
City: Valencia
Country: Spain
Email: | |
Phone number: +32-2-808 55 76
Skype contact: ajeroma