Business, SMEs, Rural Development and Innovation

Objectif thématique: A.1 Développement des entreprises et des PME
Priorité: Priorité A.1.2 Renforcer et soutenir les réseaux, chaînes de valeur, groupements (clusters) et consortiums euro-méditerranéens dans les secteurs traditionnels et non traditionnels
Brève description du projet : We are a private company (SME) operating in the fields of superfoods and aromatic & medicinal herbs, imports of food products, logistics, entrepreneurship, Start-Ups development, functional food innovation etc. One of our projects has been awarded as one of the top innovative ideas in the functional food sector (H2020_KaTaNa)while presented in the Annual Heidelberg Innovation Forum (2017).Our European R&D Department is experienced in EU project's preparation and implementation, participating already in two Horizon2020 in the field of agricultural sector (food security, functional food). We are willing to participate at any project where our organisation will add value to the consortium and provide assistance to the coordinator if needed.
Objectifs principaux – problèmes à traiter: Our company aims to undertake activities like: Research & Development, Communication & Dissemination, Networking etc. We would be happy to discuss any other proposed activities for the implementation of a project.
Résultats attendus: We are interest to participate as partners (NOT COORDINATORS) in projects applied in the A.1 & A.2. Thematic Objectives, in the fields of agriculture, entrepreneurship, start-ups, tourism and innovation.
Partenaires déjà impliqués: n/a
Partenaires recherchés: We have a great network of Greek and other European partners which we could provide to any consortium like SMEs, Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Universities & Technological Institutes, NGOs and an Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture & rural Development.
Budget total prévisionnel: n/a
Prénom: Danai
Nom: Katsanta
Nom de l’organisme: REZOS BRANDS SA
Type d’organisme: Entreprise ou autre opérateur économique
Ville: Patras
Pays: Grèce
Numéro de téléphone: 00302610222294
Contact Skype:
Site web: