C.H.A.N.C.E.S.: Community Hubs Addressing Neet's challenges by Engaging Society

Objectif thématique: A.3 Promotion à l’inclusion sociale et lutte contre la pauvreté
Priorité: Priorité A.3.1 Fournir aux jeunes, en particulier ceux appartenant à la catégorie des NEETS, des compétences utilisables sur le marché
Brève description du projet : This project aims to address the prevention, intervention and compensation strategies of NEETS (also students at risk of leaving education or training early) and their families including women with marketable skills and other skills that are needed such as training to improve their future.
Objectifs principaux – problèmes à traiter: Addressing the prevention, intervention and compensation strategies of NEETS and their families including women with marketable skills
Résultats attendus: 1. Pilot project to identify a link between families and the criteria or factors that leads students to become NEETS 2. Draft and produce a national parental involvement policy that would help to prevent the number of NEETS within our countries through mainstream education and higher education. 3. Create hubs that would offer training for parents/families to equip them with better skills to be more empowered.
Partenaires déjà impliqués: We are from Malta's Ministry of Education and Employment in the Directorate for Research, Lifelong Learning and Employment - more specifically we work at the ESL UNIT (the prevention of Early School Leaving and Dropouts from Education)
Partenaires recherchés: We are looking for partners that are interested in the link between families of various socio-economic backgrounds and its link with students who do not have a chance to succeed in education and often end up in dead-end jobs or not in education or training. We look forward to welcome new ideas and work together for the benefit of all countries involved. We are open to innovative ideas.
Budget total prévisionnel: 1,500,000
Prénom: Pamela
Nom: Spiteri
Nom de l’organisme: ESL UNIT (Early School Leaving UNIT)
Type d’organisme: Ministère ou autre administration nationale publique
Ville: Floriana
Pays: Malte
Courriel: pamela.marie.spiteri@ilearn.edu.mt
Numéro de téléphone: 0035625982289
Contact Skype:
Site web: https://www.facebook.com/preventingESLMalta/