The Green

Objectif thématique: B.4 Protection de l’environnement, adaptation au et atténuation du changement climatique
Priorité: Priorité B.4.3 Soutenir les rénovations énergétiques économiquement rentables et innovantes en fonction du type de bâtiment et des zones climatiques, en mettant l’accent sur les bâtiments publics
Brève description du projet : "The Green" is a project that falls within the framework of the priority regional theme of environmental protection. Our choice of this priority is based on the importance of the theme of protection of the environment. We have opted for recycling as a battleground for our project. Indeed, the concept of recycling is not sufficiently developed in Tunisia, whether in terms of the awareness of young Tunisians or the behavioral level of Tunisians. Some attempts to initiate the recycling process among the Tunisian population have failed to make this gesture a habit and a behavior. This failure is due to a limited awareness campaign, lack of information and explanations, but above all to the lack of follow-up. We hope by this project to introduce young Tunisians and local organizations to the importance of recycling, hoping for a multiplier effect that will affect the local population and Tunisian households.
Objectifs principaux – problèmes à traiter: Launch a permanent youth recycling club - set up a collection point for recyclable waste (plastic, glass, used batteries, etc.) in the youth center and various regional organizations and institutions - develop a pedagogical support explaining the various recycling processes - create awareness-raising support for recycling (posters, flyers, stickers ...).
Résultats attendus: Raise awareness among local young people about waste reduction as a means of environmental protection Initiate the recycling of waste among young Tunisians Generalize the recycling technique to regional organizations and institutions
Partenaires déjà impliqués: There is no partner now, because the project was just an idea and now we will start to implement and achieve
Partenaires recherchés: We are looking for partners who provide logistical support for the launch of clubs or recyclable (plastic, glass, used batteries, etc.)
Budget total prévisionnel: 70.000
Prénom: Amine
Nom: Mohamed
Nom de l’organisme: Farhat Hached Institute for Research and Democracy
Type d’organisme: ONG
Ville: Mourouj
Pays: Tunisie
Numéro de téléphone: + 216 58 97 33 99
Contact Skype: institut.fhird
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