Improvement of entrepreneurship opportunities for youth and women in the Mediterranean

Objectif thématique: A.3 Promotion à l’inclusion sociale et lutte contre la pauvreté
Priorité: Priorité A.3.1 Fournir aux jeunes, en particulier ceux appartenant à la catégorie des NEETS, des compétences utilisables sur le marché
Brève description du projet : The project aim is to contribute to the creation of new job opportunities for women and young people by valorising their vocational talent and the touristic potential offered by their territorial heritage related to the Mediterranean in order to boost the private entrepreneurship of disadvantaged categories. Cross-border teams of expert will define new professional profiles to support these categories in the less developed regions of the two shores of the Mediterranean as a way to improve their competitiveness and the innovative capacities. At the same time, through a cross border operation group, normative proposals at local, regional and national level will be elaborated in order to support multi-functionality and diversification of the economic activities. The purpose is to support the employability of women and young people in fields of common interests of the two shores of the Mediterranean, as tourism, environment and fishery.
Objectifs principaux – problèmes à traiter: - promote the private entrepreneurship and increase potential revenues - strengthen the professionalization of young people and women - improve normative capacities of Public Administrations on diversification - Foster the review and reform of the normative framework at local, national level.
Résultats attendus: - packages of trainings aimed at young people and women to enhance the local capacities on entrepreneurship. - Review of the national legislative frameworks and elaboration of normative proposals at local, regional and national level - Create an efficient Networking background;
Partenaires déjà impliqués: Public Administration
Partenaires recherchés: Universities, NGOs, Chambers, etc. from Portugal, Spain, France, Jordan, Tunisia, Palestine
Budget total prévisionnel: Around € 1.300.000
Prénom: Enrico
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Nom de l’organisme: Carlotta Law Firm
Type d’organisme: Entreprise ou autre opérateur économique
Ville: Rome
Pays: Italie
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