Improving Risk Management Practices in the Arab region

Objectif thématique: A.2 Soutien à l’éducation, à la recherche, au développement technologique et à l’innovation
Priorité: Priorité A.2.1 Soutenir le transfert technologique et la commercialisation des résultats de la recherche, en renforçant les liens entre la recherche, l'industrie et d'autres acteurs du secteur privé
Brève description du projet : It will help public sectors to implement and embed Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) approach in their institutions which is unavailable in our region due to the knowledge absence about this approach in addition to its high level of its implementation complexity, the project will build the knowledge, practice and will build the basic of risk management culture within the involved countries in the region that will help them in managing the related uncertainties in public sectors according to the world best practice and will help to build responsible parties (as union or committee) to follow up and spreading the knowledge, practice and culture of ERM within all sectors in these countries to be more sustainable within high unstable conditions in the region.
Objectifs principaux – problèmes à traiter: Helping public sector to know how to establish and implement Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). Finding the mechanism to create ERM function within organizations. Open new working opportunities in orgs. for risk management positions. Providing high qualified risk managers by qualifying unemployment youth with priorities for NEET and Women to cover the expected need for ERM positions. Create a responsible party to follow up & improve ERM knowledge & practices in the involved countries.
Résultats attendus: Help public sectors to know how to establish and implement ERM Enterprise Risk management. Providing employment opportunities. Helping in eliminating corruption, bribery, wasting allocations in organizations. Improving organizations efficiency & effectiveness, compliance, governance system, stability, sustainability, competitiveness, and transparency. Motivating Arab countries competitiveness, economic growth & stability. Enhance Arab Youth to stay in their countries.
Partenaires déjà impliqués: Euro Risk Limited: Switzerland, Austria The entrepreneur and franchiser for Professional Risk Manager program. This program trained 2500 persons who proved high efficiency and effectiveness in Switzerland and Austria. Also later, it was adopted in France after proving its efficiency
Partenaires recherchés: We are looking for partners from Arab countries welling to cooperate with us to apply our program in their countries to help in improving RM preferable NGO, government,and education centers. We are looking for partners from Europe with experience in raising awareness in risk management and improving risk management culture in countries, preferable NGO, government, European Union Org., .
Budget total prévisionnel: Euro 2,000,000/ includes (providing training courses, and awareness activities;research, workshops, lectures, printing, regional risk management awareness conference & joining regional risk management activities to spreed our project mission.
Prénom: Raida
Nom: Mashal
Nom de l’organisme: Jrmc
Type d’organisme: ONG
Ville: Amman
Pays: Jordanie
Numéro de téléphone: +962777396991
Contact Skype: Raida Mashal
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