Mapping the quality characteristics of olive oil of different geographical areas

Objectif thématique: A.2 Soutien à l’éducation, à la recherche, au développement technologique et à l’innovation
Priorité: Priorité A.2.1 Soutenir le transfert technologique et la commercialisation des résultats de la recherche, en renforçant les liens entre la recherche, l'industrie et d'autres acteurs du secteur privé
Brève description du projet : Study of characterization of olive oil quality profile of different areas of the Mediterranean basin. Olive oil composition is influenced by several factors. Estimation of physiological, soil, environmental and microlimate factors in order to create maps of olive oil quality characteristics of specific areas.
Objectifs principaux – problèmes à traiter: The main object is to create a map of the olive oil characteristics (physicochemicals and organoleptic). In order to achieve the object we have to define a specific sampling plan for olives and olive oil during the olive harvest season. Based on this plan, a large number of samples of olives and olive oil will be tested in laboratory. The same procedure should be repeated for three consecutive years.
Résultats attendus: The results of the study can help agriculturists to improve the quality characteristics of the produced olive oil by improving cultivation practices. At the same time, they will help small-mediun enterprises improve olive oil blends according to the market they are targeting. Ultimately, the competitiveness of olive oil bottlers will be enhanced.
Partenaires déjà impliqués: SYMEPOP (Association for Messinian products of origin designation. (Non profit organization)
Partenaires recherchés: Agricultural cooperatives, entrepreneurs interested in the subject, research laboratories, universities.
Budget total prévisionnel: 1.200.000 €
Prénom: Thanasis
Nom: Kiriazopopoulos
Nom de l’organisme: SYMEPOP
Type d’organisme: Fédération/association
Ville: Kalamata
Pays: Grèce
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