Modern Tools for the conseRvation of coastal envIronment and DevElopmeNt of appropriate straTegies for ICZM

Objectif thématique: B.4 Protection de l’environnement, adaptation au et atténuation du changement climatique
Priorité: Priorité B.4.4 Incorporer l’approche de gestion éco-systémique à la GICZ dans la planification du développement local, à travers l´amélioration de la coordination intra-territoriale entre les différentes parties prenantes
Brève description du projet : The project aims to maintain biodiversity and natural ecosystems through strengthening the management and networking of sensitive coastal areas. More precisely it targets to facilitate operations of the Official Bodies responsible for integrated coastal management to enhance their knowledge on environmental safety matters and support the adoption of planning policies for monitoring, preventing and mitigating pressures on the marine/coastal environment and especially sensitive coastal areas.
Objectifs principaux – problèmes à traiter: The proposed project will benefit people in coastal areas informing them that preservation of ecosystem services is prerequisite for their quality of life and health, stakeholders performing economic activities in coast (tourism, aquaculture and fisheries), local/national authorities supported to respond to marine pollution incidents, Academia and SMEs.
Résultats attendus: The main benefit from the project is related to: (i) the exchanged knowledge and expertise in field of its primary activities, (ii) the opportunity to have synergic collaborations with the stakeholders to make operative the research activities and (iii) to collaborate with SME and enterprise to foster new developments and tools.
Partenaires déjà impliqués: 2 partners from Greece (NGO and academic research institution), 1 partner from Italy (Research Institution) and 1 partner from Tunisia (Research Institution)
Partenaires recherchés: Public Bodies, institutions and organizations preferably with relative expertise in coastal management and established at eligible coastal areas in Europe as well as from Jordan, Palestine, Tunisia.
Budget total prévisionnel: 2.500.000€ under-consideration depending from the final consortium
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