Objectif thématique: B.4 Protection de l’environnement, adaptation au et atténuation du changement climatique
Priorité: Priorité B.4.4 Incorporer l’approche de gestion éco-systémique à la GICZ dans la planification du développement local, à travers l´amélioration de la coordination intra-territoriale entre les différentes parties prenantes
Brève description du projet : Three major actions: - Development of networked public facilities as outdoor citizen science centres coordinating community lead EBM actions and conservation activities towards ICZM. - Enhancing eco-tourism activities with wide range of inter-linked products and services to boost local economies; Providing location specific solutions to the twin needs of economic development and environmental conservation. - Promoting mass participation events offering outdoor activities all year round focused on biodiversity conservation, local coastal ecosystems rehabilitation and pilot circular economy activities. These provide solutions to youth unemployment and environmental conservation. The consortia will reinforce community science programmes to understand conservation needs of coastal habitats. Allied to conservation management, support the development of sustainable tourism activities training young people (NEETS) and promoting their direct participation.
Objectifs principaux – problèmes à traiter: a. Rehabilitation of a iconic public facilities on each participant country as a citizen science outdoor centre united on an international climate change information network. b. Enhancing Eco-tourism activities providing tailor made- solutions for different community realities and establish an annual Macro-event linking environmental education and sport events. c. Promoting citizen science offering outdoor activities all year round including pilot circular economy activities.
Résultats attendus: Mediterranean Outdoor citizen science centre network. Socio- economic and environmental models(one per country) reviving local economy. Setting an international network of citizen science outdoors centres mixing environmental education and sport activities. New sustainable touristic products in off season periods created in specific niches and co-designed with local communities. Enhanced synergy between public,private organisations and key stakeholders.
Partenaires déjà impliqués: Murcia, Region. Spain.www.asociacionhippocampus.com Tuscany region.Italy. http://www.ibimet.cnr.it/ Contacted:(without formal response) Technological Navy Institute – Murcia Region Government - Spain. Seahorse trust(UK)Malta University - Technical, with interest on Coastal Biodiversity and Seahorses Populations.
Partenaires recherchés: Northern African Partners and Portugal with experience on - Managing large EU projects on Coastal areas, mainly working with Environmental issues and ecotourism - Proven Positive financial experience on international cooperation on Mediterranean. Expertise on coastal areas and climate change mitigation and adaptation measures.
Budget total prévisionnel: 1-3 Million euros, based on number of partners Nº of public facilities rehabilitation per country and local initiatives.
Prénom: Juan Diego
Nom: López Giraldo
Nom de l’organisme: Hippocampus Association
Type d’organisme: ONG
Ville: Murcia
Pays: Espagne
Courriel: juandiego61@me.com
Numéro de téléphone: +34625148489
Contact Skype: jdlg07
Site web: http://www.asociacionhippocampus.com