Synergies between History, Energy, Engineering and Tourism

Objectif thématique: A.1 Développement des entreprises et des PME
Priorité: Priorité A.1.3 Encourager les initiatives et actions en matière de tourisme durable visant à la diversification dans de nouveaux segments et niches
Brève description du projet : SHEET project enters in the context of enabling synergies between 4 different sectors through the development of a pilot project and a branch within institutional establishment for the promotion of SMEs in this perspective, in Tunisia. This project will allow the development and promotion of economic activity through the implementation of a demonstrative pilot project and the creation of an institutional framework which will supervise SMEs evolving in this field. In fact the purpose of the project is to enable synergies between: * History: archaeological sites of roman thermals and their evolution through years passing through Hammams to spas and saunas currently; * Tourism: promotion of ecotourism focusing on geothermal tourism * Energy: valorisation of geothermal resources * Engineering: development of tools with augmented reality to promote the archaeological site
Objectifs principaux – problèmes à traiter: Creation of groups of experts in the 4 pillars of the synergy; implementation of a pilot project composed of a geothermal spa facility, a fitness trail linking the geothermal facility and the archaeological site; utilisation of tools with augmented reality technology on the trail and the archaeological site; creation of the institutional branch to promote and supervise SMEs in this field.
Résultats attendus: promote a new niche of tourism; valorisation of geothermal energy; creation of employment opportunities; benefiting from the European knowledge in terms of archaeological sites promotion; ...
Partenaires déjà impliqués: Mediterranean Renewable Energy Centre; Université de Tunis El-Manar TN, Office National du Thermalisme et d’Hydrothérapie TN; Development Company of Chamber of Achaia- Greece ; Consorzio Teatro Pubblico Pugliese IT; Società Cooperativa Culture IT
Partenaires recherchés: Universities from countries Greece, Malta, Spain and Cyprus in TOURISM
Budget total prévisionnel: 3 million of euros
Prénom: Asma
Nom: Dhakouani
Nom de l’organisme: Mediterranean Renewable Energy Centre
Type d’organisme: Autre
Autres: GIE
Ville: Tunis
Pays: Tunisie
Numéro de téléphone: +216 98 907 700
Contact Skype: sousou74858
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