Medenine: a rose of sands in danger

Project acronym: JOUSSOUR
Titre du projet: JOUSSOUR
Cluster thématique: 3. Patrimoine culturel et tourisme durable
Sub-cluster: Sous-cluster 3.A Valorisation du patrimoine culturel
Livrable: Medenine: a rose of sands in danger
Documentary produced under the JOUSSOUR project as part of a series of 12. The Director of IRA (Institut des Régions Arides tunisien), a passionate and forward-looking researcher, is aware of problems such as desertification and other risks for the territory. He turned his willingness to curb these risks into IRA concrete actions, with multiple laboratories for the safeguard of the richness of this region. Nowadays, desertification affects all the aspects of Medenine life, including traditions.
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