Maritime transport: new hub-based network system

Project acronym: OPTIMED
Titre du projet: Rationalising Mediterranean Sea Ways: from Southern-Eastern to Nothern-Western ports
Cluster thématique: 1. Croissance économique et développement territorial
Sub-cluster: Sous-cluster 1.C Transport maritime
Livrable: Maritime transport: new hub-based network system
The main purpose of this document is to define a new optimised Mediterranean transport option serving as a reliable and efficient link between the eastern and western shores of the Mediterranean basin. A new transport option has been defined by proposing a new layout of the network structure and a new organization of the transport service in terms of itineraries, frequencies, vessels capacities, sailing speeds and service times. Moreover, since the ultimate goal was to define a new optimised transport option based on regular and scheduled services, the final output consists of a timetable indicating departure and arrival times for each service belonging to the new optimised transport network.
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