Project acronym: MED-JELLYRISK
Titre du projet: Adaptation to climate change through improved water demand management in irrigated agriculture by introduction of new technologies and best agricultural practices
Cluster thématique: 2. Durabilité environnementale
Sub-cluster: Sous-cluster 2.E Gestion intégrée des zones côtières
Livrable: iMedJelly
This application was designed to provide citizens with a useful tool to have real-time information on jellyfish proliferations in coastal areas. If there are jellyfish on the beach, which species are present, which species exist, what to do if you get stung by a jellyfish, and all the relevant information about this topic. Through iMedJelly, daily up-to-date information about the Catalan beaches will also be reported: flag colour and reason, meteorological conditions (air and water temperature, wind, and UV index). Available for Iphone (see link below) and Android devices (
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