MED-JELLY app for Malta

Project acronym: ACCBAT
Titre du projet: Adaptation to climate change through improved water demand management in irrigated agriculture by introduction of new technologies and best agricultural practices
Cluster thématique: 2. Durabilité environnementale
Sub-cluster: Sous-cluster 2.E Gestion intégrée des zones côtières
Livrable: MED-JELLY app for Malta
MED-JELLY app gives the user information about facilities and weather conditions to be found on different sandy beaches in the Maltese Islands, as well as information on different jellyfish species to be encountered within the Mediterranean and on how to treat the stings of such species. The application also gives the user a forecast of the probability of encountering jellyfish species on different Maltese beaches. Available for Iphone (see link below) and Android devices (
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