Green Jobs Platform

Project acronym: EGREJOB
Project title: Euro-Mediterranean GREen JOBs
Thematic cluster: 4. Human capital
Sub-cluster: Sub-cluster 4.A Employment and professionalization
Deliverable: Green Jobs Platform
This platform is a virtual space integrating the knowledge system of EGREJOB project and a portable tool for green jobs key players of the concerned territories. It investigates the impact of green economy activities and technologies on occupational requirements and the development of new and emerging occupations, through its 3 spaces: “JOB”, “TRAININGS” and “GREEN SKILLS”. The “GREEN SKILLS” space hosts the Green Jobs database, that is a repository of green occupations linked to 11 key Green economy sectors. The “TRAININGS” space providing references for the Green Jobs trainings realised within EGREJOB. The “JOBS” space provides a real opportunity for Green Jobs search. A list of the main web sites advertising Job vacancies is foreseen for each of the four states involved in the program (Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Lebanon), at EU and International levels .
Learning platform