Hybrid-Photovoltaic power plants

Project acronym: MED-Solar
Project title: Machrek Energy Development-Solar
Thematic cluster: 2. Environmental sustainability
Sub-cluster: Sub-cluster 2.C Renewable energy and energy efficiency
Deliverable: Hybrid-Photovoltaic power plants
Pictures pf the 4 Hybrid-Photovoltaic power plants installed in Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine. Instead the exclusive use of diesel generators (gensets), the MED‐Solar project has developed a solution to reduce the use of fuel by installing a solar PV power plant with a transient storage system. When the grid is available, the PV energy can be injected into the grid and, in case of grid interruption, the back‐up is assured by the PV plant coupled with a genset. A transient energy storage system will guarantee the continuity of the supply for very short‐term variations of PV generation or, in case of grid failure, the time needed for the genset start‐up.
Pilot plants