Anti-jellyfish nets

Project acronym: MED-JELLYRISK
Project title: Integrated monitoring of jellyfish outbreaks under anthropogenic and climatic impacts in the Mediterranean sea: trophic and socio-economic risks
Thematic cluster: 2. Environmental sustainability
Sub-cluster: Sub-cluster 2.E Integrated coastal zone management
Deliverable: Anti-jellyfish nets
A number of beaches in the Mediterranean Sea saw the introduction of the first prototypes of the MED-JELLYRISK anti-jellyfish nets. The aim of these nets is to protect bathers from the mauve stinger (Pelagia noctiluca) by acting as a protective barrier. These nets were installed in the Aolian islands (two nets in the Canneto Beach, one in the Porticello Beach, Lipari; one net in Santa Marina di Salina, Sicily, Italy), Favignana island (Sicily, Italy), Guitcia Bay (Lampedusa, Sicily, Italy), Cala Vadella (Ibiza, Spain) and Pretty Bay (Birzebbugia, Malta) and Tunisia (Hammamet).
Pilot plants