UMAYYAD cultural route

Project acronym: UMAYYAD
Project title: Improvement of Mediterranean territorial cohesion through setup of a tourist-cultural itinerary
Thematic cluster: 3. Cultural heritage and sustainable tourism
Sub-cluster: Sub-cluster 3.B Development of sustainable tourism
Deliverable: UMAYYAD cultural route
The Umayyad Route retraces part of the journey followed by the Umayyad dynasty from its capital in Damascus and its subsequent expansion along the southern shores of the Mediterranean to the Iberian Peninsula. The route begins therefore in the Near East before heading off along the Mediterranean across North Africa. It follows the path by which Arabic-Muslim civilization came to Europe and which gave rise to the Caliphate of Cordoba, where the Hispano-Muslim civilization flourished for various centuries. The itinerary we propose, starts at its easternmost point in Jordan and the Lebanon, passing through Egypt and Tunisia, with a stopover in Sicily, and ends up in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal). The different stages of the itinerary coincide with monuments that either date from the Umayyad era or are related with some of the dynasty's most illustrious characters.
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