Life in Mdina from Punic times to the present day

Project acronym: HELAND
Project title: Promoting socio-economic sustainable development through innovative technological actions for Mediterranean tourism-heritage and landscapes protection clusters
Thematic cluster: 3. Cultural heritage and sustainable tourism
Sub-cluster: Sub-cluster 3.B Development of sustainable tourism
Deliverable: Life in Mdina from Punic times to the present day
This book is meant to be an enticing cultural heritage introduction especially to the younger generation. It presents Mdina through time by looking at everyday life in the city and beyond from Punic times to the present day. The text is written in such a way so as to be more easily understood by adolescents from 13 years of age. The contents brings together information, pictorial sources and various writing and drawing exercises, all meant to challenge the readers and invite them to seek further information and do more research on the subject. The book is aimed to introduce cultural heritage and its study, and it is hoped that those adolescents who read this book will appreciate Maltese heritage more, increasing in them the spirit of respect, conservation and support. It is important to increase cultural awareness in the next generation as it is only in this way that local heritage is safeguarded for future generations.