ICT tools for sustainable tourism management

Project acronym: HELAND
Project title: Promoting socio-economic sustainable development through innovative technological actions for Mediterranean tourism-heritage and landscapes protection clusters
Thematic cluster: 3. Cultural heritage and sustainable tourism
Sub-cluster: Sub-cluster 3.A Enhancement of cultural heritage
Deliverable: ICT tools for sustainable tourism management
This training manual is aimed at assisting cultural heritage professionals to familiarize themselves with the main uses of ICT in heritage. It also serves as an introduction to the technologies used. By means of the examples presented and the case studies outlined, one is able to have clearer understanding of the extent in which the natural and built heritage can be better managed and more importantly better appreciated by visitors and maintained for future generations. The manual is divided into 3 main sections: - Section 1: Heritage in the Mediterranean; - Section 2: ICT Usage In Heritage; - Section 3: Case Studies from the HELAND Project of ICT usage in Natural and Built Heritage.
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