Funded projects

Projects funded under the first standard call
The first standard call was published in May 2009 addressing the 4 Programme Priorities and 10 related Measures. 37 projects were selected among almost 600 proposals submitted for a total value of € 57.4 million (€ 50.5 million ENPI contribution). Promotion of new forms of tourism, innovative management of water at urban level, conservation of Greco-Roman heritage, reinforcement of cooperation in the audiovisual sector are a few examples of the topics tackled by these projects.

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Projects funded under the strategic call
Launched in May 2011, the strategic call focused six topics chosen by the Joint Monitoring Committee based on their potential for the development of cooperation in the Mediterranean area. These are: agro-food industry, sustainable tourism, integrated coastal zone management, water management, waste treatment and recycling, solar energy. Out of 300 proposals presented, 19 projects were approved for funding. Total value of these operations is € 82.5 million (€ 74.1 million ENPI contribution). Valorisation of typical dairy products, innovative multimedia services for tourism, diffusion of concentrated-solar technologies are some of the key issues of the running strategic projects.

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Projects funded under the second standard call
The second call for standard projects was published in December 2011 tackling all 4 Programme Priorities and 10 related Measures. This last call under the 2007-2013 period witnessed a huge participation with 1095 proposals submitted. Further to a two-step selection procedure, 39 projects have been awarded a grant for a total value of € 65 million (€ 58 million ENPI contribution). Optimization of port logistics, conservation of natural and cultural heritage, support to job creation and improvement of youth mobility are some the answers proposed by project partnerships to the current challenges in the Mediterranean area.

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