Standard projects - Call 2

Brochure on standard projects (call 2)
List of grant contracts awarded

Some fact sheets presenting the main features of the funded projects - partnership, objectives, expected results, activities and budget - can be consulted below.

Priority 1 Promotion of socio-economic development and enhancement of territories

Measure 1.1 Support to innovation and research in the process of local development of the Mediterranean Sea Basin countries 

• Cross-border NETwork to foster Knowldge-intensive business Incubation and TEchonolgy transfer (NET KITE)

Measure 1.2 Strengthening economic clusters creating synergies among potentials of the Mediterranean Sea Basin countries 

• Common Mediterranean Development Programme (CoMeD Pro)
• Future of Our Past (F.O.P)
• Open Network for Mediterranean Sustainable Tourism (ONMEST 2) 
• Sustainable Textile Mediterranean Network (SUSTEXNET)
• Innovative cross-border approaches for Textile and Clothing Clusters co-development in the Mediterranean basin (TEX-MED Clusters)

Measure 1.3 Strengthening the national strategies of territorial planning by integrating the different levels, and promotion of balanced and sustainable socio-economic development 

• Stratégies de gestion intégrée pour la mise en valeur du patrimoine des phares, sémaphores et balises de la Méditerranée (MED-PHARES)

Priority 2 Promotion of environmental sustainability at the basin level

Measure 2.1 Prevention and reduction of risk factors for the environment and enhancement of natural common heritage 

• ECOlogical use of native PLANTs for environmental restoration and sustainable development in the MEDiterranean region (ECOPLANTMED)
• Towards Ecosystem Conservation and Sustainable Artisanal Fisheries in the Mediterranean basin (ECOSAFIMED)
• A Location-aware System for Fruit Fly Monitoring and Pest Management Control (FRUITFLYNET)
• Generating a Risk and Ecological Analysis Toolkit for the Mediterranean (GREAT Med) 
• Modèles innovants de gouvernance des ressources des zones cotières-marines pour une défense stratégique des littoraux Méditerranéens (MEDSANDCOAST) 
• Development of Landscape Character Assessment as a tool for effective conservation of natural heritage in the Eastern Mediterranean (MEDSCAPES)
• Risk Monitoring, Modelling and Mitigation of benthic Harmful Algal Blooms along Mediterranean coasts (M3-HABs)
• Risk Assessment Analysis on Offshore Platforms in South East Mediterranean (RAOP-MED)
• Sustainable Mediterranean Old Towns (SMOT)

Measure 2.2 Promotion of renewable energy use and improvement of energy efficiency contributing to addressing, among other challenges, climate change 

• Green Energy for Green Companies (GR.ENE.CO)

Priority 3 Promotion of better conditions and modalities for ensuring the mobility of persons, goods and capitals

Measure 3.1 Support to people flows among territories as a means of cultural, social and economic enrichment

• Mobilisation des Diasporas économiques pour le développement des pays méditerranéens (MedGeneration)

Measure 3.2 Improvement of conditions and modalities of circulation of goods and capitals among the territories

• Enhancing Horticultural Perishable Products Circulation among Mediterranean territories (E.H.P.P.C. - Med)
• Mediterranean Ports Sustainibility & Efficiency in Intermodal Synchronisation (MED-PORTS)
• Rationalising Mediterranean Sea Ways: from Southern-Eastern to Nothern-Western ports (OPTIMED)

Priority 4 Promotion of cultural dialogue and local governance

Measure 4.1 Support to mobility, exchanges, training and professionalism of young people

• Capacity Building Relay Race (Ca.Bu.Re.Ra)
• Euro-Mediterranean GREen JOBs (EGREJOB)
• euro-meDiterranean cAreer & Employment aDvisor portAl for the mobility of yoUng residentS (DAEDALUS)
• Supportive international approach to increase and improve the mobility and exchange programs for young people in the Mediterranean (MED-MOBIL)
• PRomoting Intergenerational learning in MEditerranean countries (PR.I.ME)
• Requalification of Employment and Diversification for Youth in the Mediterranean (R.E.A.D.Y MED. FISH.)

Measure 4.2 Support to the artistic creativity in all its expressions to encourage dialogue among communities

• Mediterranean cultural network to promote creativity in the arts, crafts and design for communities' regeneration in historical cities (MEDNETA)
• Slow Food as a means of dialogue in Mediterranean Contexts (SLOWMED)

Measure 4.3 Improvement of the governance processes at local level

• Safeguard, valorisation and management quality. Use of the management models for the archeological sites and urban contexts (ARCHEOMEDSITES)
• Economic Development through Inclusive and Local Empowerment (EDILE)
• Initiatives Locales pour l’Environnement en Méditerranée (ILE)
• GOvernance for Achieving Local Strategies for tourism (GOALS)
• LANDCARE MEDiterranean cross-border network for local rural governance improvement to enhance rural waste management (LANDCARE MED)
• Improving the local governance processes through exchange of good practices, pilots and training in geospatial technologies (LOCAL-SATS)
• Inclusive governance for sustainable Mediterranean coastal metropolis (MEDSEATIES) • OpenGovernment and ICT’s for new models of governance in the Mediterranean (OPENWIND)
• Social and Intercultural Dialogue through Governance for Local development: Mediterranean Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture (SIDIG-MED)
• WATER Development Resources Opportunity Policies for the water management in semi-arid areas (WATER-Drop)